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Beauty does not specify anything related to the outer part of our body. Since past few years it this myth is being followed by people. This rule has become a parameter to judge someone’s beauty in different manner. Beauty should be defined in natural ways without any other things. It means that every single individual is beautiful in their own way. He/she looks great the way he/she is. It has nothing to do with any skin color, scar marks, height or weight.


Short but Sexy

I am small. I am petite but, bit of a figther inside. Every one is shocked by things, that are differrent but it wil be normal one day to see every size on the runway. I am short by height but I am beautiful enough to rock the ramp.

Mitali Sonawane

Beautiful just the way you are!

Unconventional beauty pageant is one of Best Concept, this platform is best opportunities to those who will reach to maximum people through website. Having shoot with them is pleasure of mine. Where unique personalities and hidden talents introduce to the society to set an example of positive attitude towards life and beauty. I am part of it because I want to show the world what is confidently beautiful. We don't need society approvals to feel beautiful if you feel beautiful, you look beautiful.

Pratik Bhavsar

Destroy the idea that clothing has gender

I am a model & love experimenting new things. I think clothes are not gender specified. I always style myself with the clothes I love & I really dont care if they are from girls section or boys.


Breaking beauty barriers

Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. I am a tattoo artist and my every tattoo is meaningful. My body is full of tattoos & yes I love them. body full of tattoos, different hair colors, piercings are beautiful too.

Abhishek Dek

Unfair and Handsome

I think dusky skintone is also beautiful. The opposite of fair is dark & that is normal and lovely. Everyone has to be comfortable in their own skin. Yes, I am dusky. And, I am beautiful enough And I don't regret not fitting into your defination of beauty.

Priyanka Gill


Confidance is beautiful. No matter your size, No matter your weight, Be confident in who you are & you will be beautiful & afterall Beauty comes in all sizes.

Any male or female will look great without taking any additional help of artificial products. The inner beauty is the originality of a person. We must feel confident the way we are. We must change the viewpoint by breaking the barrier of the outer looks. Looks cannot define a person. It cannot tell whether the person is good or bad. It depends upon the thought process what you have inside. The shape and size cannot define beauty anymore. The plus size models and black skinned people are breaking the rules of fashion industry. Plus size shaped women and men are participating in the modeling competitions. The days of slim and fair people had passed away. Now anyone can become a model or walk the ramp.

We are here to organize events which will tell the world that no one is a weirdo but everyone is beautiful in their own skin. There is no measurement of beauty in terms of color, shape, size, height, weight and looks. Everyone is beautiful. Guys with tattoos and girls with scars look awesome. We must come out of the dark and enjoy the truth of our inner splendor. Enjoy the being is the best thing. So, be yourself in your own skin. Look good whether you are a short heighted person or plus size male/female. Be confident and comfortable what you have.


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About us

Since many years it has been observed that beauty has different measures in terms of age, weight, height, and other parameters. This has become a global rule. People follow it blindly. Earlier people were mesmerized with facial beauty. Time has changed and so the parameters. The beauty pageant contests made it a tough test for the participants. There are judges and different types of rounds with eliminations to check the eligibility of the participant.

All of these competitors are analyzed on the basis of their height, weight, age, figure size, and color. We are far more away from inner beauty. These models are judged by their outer beauty. The model who does not qualify the criteria gets eliminated from the contest. She again has to struggle to become a beautiful model with many tough competitions. She/he has to go through many measures to get success.

Here we have come up with a new idea of unconventional beauty. It will break the barriers in the fashion industry. This will allow anyone to become a model. It doesn’t mean the outer part of our body but it means more than that. Beauty does not only mean a person wearing makeup with fashionable clothes and accessories. Beauty does not specify the size, color or anything else of our body part. It is not related to our skin color or body weight. People with scars do look beautiful. The acid victim females were also showcased as models with Myntra. Looking beautiful means being comfortable in our own skin whatever we look like. There are many plus size models including men and women both.

It means being confident in our own skin with flaws. This has nothing to do with height and weight. Healthy people also look beautiful. Black skinned girls look stunning too. Men with beard do look stunning. Males with excessive tattoos also look beautiful. We can take the example of Naomi Campbell though she has a wonderful figure, but her color is not fair. She is confident with her skin color. Short heighted people look beautiful in their own ways. They are brilliant and talented. We should break the barrier of size, color, height and other flaws in fashion industry. This will not only make us beautiful but also help to feel confident. It will be helpful to make ourselves happy in every aspects of our life. Being yourself is the best thing on this earth. Enjoy your own being without destroying the inner beauty. Break the rules and rule the world without the fear.

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